About Us

A Few Words About Us…..

Who Are We?

We started as pool players, became Billiards Sports lovers and finally transformed to Top Set Billiards. Naturally, the love of the game is what brought us to life and it is still the same love and passion that motivates our company! Here at Top Set it is all about Billiards Sports… So, if you are a player, a fan or even a passionate lover of sports, Top Set Billiards should feel like Home!!

Where Are We?

We are located in the city of Nicosia, the Capital City of Cyprus. You can find us working at our headquarters most of the daytime, a little before nightfall, a bit after nightfall and some times we keep working even after that! So, do not hesitate to contact us at any time!!

What Do We Do?

At Top Set Billiards we try to cover all the needs and desires of any billiards sports player, anywhere he might be! You love the Game?? You are at the right place..